The mission of Lake Support & Emergency Recovery (LASER) is to strengthen Lake County’s recovery from any disaster through a coordinated community-wide approach which provides for the immediate and long-term unmet needs of our citizens.

LASER was incorporated on October 27, 2005. LASER became fully active on February 2, 2007 when we responded to the unmet needs of those directly affected by the Groundhog Day Tornadoes that impacted Lake Mack and the Villages in Lake County.

Since that time, LASER has assisted multiple families in the disasters of the Eustis tornadoes, the 2004/2005 Hurricanes and Tropical Storm Fay which logged over 15,000 volunteer hours in 2009, Hurricane Matthew and the latest storm Hurricane Irma. LASER has been on the ground since the week Irma hit and has logged over 7000 volunteer hours and counting.


Make Mitigation Happen - Mitigating your home could translate to savings and peace of mind.

LASER is continuing its work with the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program. This program allows homeowners to apply to get their home retrofitted to make it hurricane resistant. The retrofit may include roof replacement, secondary water barrier, hurricane straps or clips, shutters, gable end bracing and any other items to make the home hurricane resistant.

If you are interested in applying, please contact LASER at 352-241-2104 or email brandi@laserfl.com.


Through the help of all the volunteers, LCBCC, Lake County Health Department and many faith-based organizations, LASER has been able to bring in over $400,000 of volunteer services. LASER has also been able to bring in $2 million to assist the citizens of Lake County.
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